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Quintiles, now part of global healthcare company IQVIA, is a life-science testing plant in Livingston.


Quintiles offers a broad range of solutions that harness advances in healthcare information, technology, analytics and human ingenuity to push healthcare forward. An ongoing client for several years, we’ve been involved in everything from laboratory expansions to biorepository.


Our original task was a laboratory expansion. Transitioning office, leisure and gym space into a scientific and technology wing. In such an environment, everything is driven by legislation and strict regulations. Working with the architect, this was a highly collaborative project to ensure best practice. Client stakeholders were involved at every stage, too. After our initial success, infrastructure projects followed. As well as work on the site’s biorepository needs, where samples are held for up to 12 years. Cryogenics storage is a vital part of this.


Accepted industry best practice was challenged at the start as being outmoded. We believed greater performance could be delivered using half the previous energy. To reassure the client, we undertook a feasibility study that showed what efficiencies could be achieved. The laboratory expansion was designed to ACDP regulations Bio-containment level 2. Biorepository success required careful collaboration with the Institute of Occupational Medicine to undertake hazard studies to avoid obvious risks. Including disaster scenarios. Solutions included constant monitoring and emergency ventilation



Key Facts

Livingston, West Lothian
Client: IQVIA
Photographer: IQVIA

“Quintiles have continued with the services of Harley Haddow in a variety of feasibility studies and smaller projects which do not necessarily require a full design team and this is a testament of the trust they have built up with the client.” David Young, Thomas & Adamson


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