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  • Civil & Structural

    Civil & Structural

    One of our core services. Working across all sectors, we’ve the expertise to advise on your precise project needs – from feasibility right through to completion. We’ll help you identify the constraints of regulatory requirements and site conditions, but more importantly, your opportunities. Led by our Directors, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your deliverables and goals are achieved. Or even better, exceeded.


    • • Highway design and bridge assessment
    • • Wastewater and SUDs design infrastructure
    • • Development infrastructure and public realm
    • • Renewable energies
    • • Waste and recycling
    • • Earthworks and remediation
    • • Flood risk and surface water management
    • • Survey coordination and EIA input
    • • Geotechnical and geochemical assessments


    We provide a full range of structural engineering services. All delivered with a unique analytical creativity and ingenuity. We provide the best value and sustainable solutions for one key reason. We understand your challenges. Most importantly, we know how to innovatively and cost-effectively solve them. We’re experienced in a vast range of building types and all structural materials. Plus, we deliver coordinated three-dimensional designs.


    • • Superstructure design
    • • Substructure design
    • • Water retaining structures
    • • Structural surveys and advice
    • • Structural advice
    • • Expert witness
    • • Design reviews
    • • Due diligence investigations
    • • Site supervision
    • • SER certification


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  • MEP


    Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health
    We integrate Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health engineering to deliver complete building services for projects of all types. From simple replacement heating systems to the most complex industrial challenges. Our mission is simple. To play a crucial role in making buildings more energy efficient and cost effective to operate sustainably.

    Our approach is focused on giving the best value. We analyse what you want from your building. Only then do we consider the best design options. The cornerstone to all of this is coordination. Led by our Directors, our engineers regularly collaborate with all members of the project team.

    Mechanical Services:

    • • Heating systems
    • • Ventilation, cooling and air conditioning
    • • Medical gases and steam distribution
    • • Sprinkler and fire-fighting installation

    Electrical Services:

    • • Lighting design
    • • Electrical distribution and power generation
    • • Security and access control
    • • Fire alarms and detection
    • • Containment systems

    Public Health Services:

    • • Above and below ground drainage
    • • Hot and cold water supply
    • • Grey and rainwater harvesting


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  • Energy & Sustainability

    Energy & Sustainability

    Our Energy team is highly experienced in producing low-energy buildings. Everything we do is designed for better performance.

    This way we help our clients create buildings that are efficient with resources, affordable to build, outstanding to inhabit and perfect for their environment.

    We improve the energy performance of every project by utilising dynamic thermal simulation software to make the most of passive design features.

    Our Energy and Design teams collaborate from the project outset to design out as many building systems as possible.

    The result? Low energy. Low-carbon buildings. Low operating costs

    Through a range of services, we can assist you throughout your project, from high-level strategy and reporting to design and green ratings through to improving existing building stock.

    Just a few of the reasons we are behind some of the UK’s most sustainable buildings.

    We offer a full and comprehensive Energy & Sustainability service for all building types and scales:


    • • Sustainable design
    • • Net Zero Planning
    • • Planning Stage Energy Strategy– Including the London Plan compliance
    • • Passivhaus & Enerphit Design
    • • Dynamic Simulation Modelling – Level 5 Accredited
    • • Feasibility Studies & Concept Studies
    • • LZC Appraisal studies
    • • Energy Masterplanning
    • • Energy audits
    • • CIBSE Qualified Low Carbon Consultants
    • • EPC’s – Accredited Energy Assessors (Level 5)
    • • SBEM Building Regulations Compliance (Section 6 and Part L)
    • • SAP and Domestic EPC’s
    • • Natural Ventilation Studies
    • • Overheating analysis – TM52 & TM59
    • • CFD modelling
    • • Daylight studies including Climate based Daylight modelling
    • • Solar Studies for Planning
    • • Section 63 Assessments
    • • ESOS Assessment
    • • SECR Reporting
    • • Funding reviews and application assistance


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    Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

    Measurement and review of the sustainable credentials of all our projects is vital with the net zero carbon journey and allows us to set ongoing improvement standards to holistically review sustainable standards and strive beyond typical and best practice.

    BREEAM is the most comprehensive and widely recognised measure of a building’s environmental performance. It sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design.

    The BREEAM assessment methodology considers a wide range of environmental aspects to provide an assessment rating indicating the overall sustainability of a development in design, construction, and in-use.

    Our approach is an enhanced consultancy service, providing additional levels of support and advice to the assessment process, helping the team understand and implement BREEAM requirements at an early stage in the project.

    Our in-house BREEAM Assessors hold the BREEAM ‘Accredited Professional’ qualification, allowing recognition and reward for early engagement with the Client and Design Team.

    We use BREEAM to drive the design process from the outset, rather than a checklist, ensuring that the key features and requirements are inherent in the design philosophy, avoiding costly additions and unnecessary bolt-on’s later in the design process.

    For your project, we work in close collaboration with our Design team on dedicated BREEAM workshops. We input throughout the design and construction life cycle to guide on achieving target rating.

    We have carried this approach out on a number of developments and achieved high rating certification including the Centre for Carbon Innovation in Edinburgh which was the first refurbished building in the world to achieve an “Outstanding” award under BREEAM.


    • • BREEAM Pre-Assessments
    • • BREEAMAP – Design Stage
    • • BREEAM Assessor Services: New Construction, Refurbishment & Fit Out, In-Use, International, Bespoke, Ecohomes, Code for Sustainable Homes & Home Quality Mark
    • • BREEAM Optimisation Reports


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  • Net Zero

    Net Zero

    In 2019 the UK Government amended the Climate Change Act to and set a target for achieving net zero emissions by 2050 (2045 in Scotland).  These targets are being accelerated with many public authorities and organisations aiming to achieve Net Zero by 2030.

    Our designs have always embedded sustainable, low energy and low carbon building principles and we bring this extensive experience to allow us to deliver Net Zero buildings and masterplans.

    We provide a comprehensive strategy on the requirements to meet net zero, whether it is a Net Zero “ready” design or the use of carbon offsetting contributions.

    Key to meeting these targets is the full understanding of the actual energy consumption profiles in use.   There is a performance gap of average 30% from predicted energy and carbon via, for example, EPC ratings to actual in-use requirements. Closing this gap for a net carbon solution is vital.

    Our reviews and appraisals and development of digital twin IES models allow the passive energy reduction measures to be defined for existing and new build fabric performance and to set a standard for the energy efficiency measures required.

    From our Passivhaus and Enerphit design experience we develop a long list of the available opportunities and the impact of the HVAC design from passive improvement measures.

    With the practical involvement of experienced MEP engineers, we will assess the viability and ease of integration of Low/Zero Carbon technology.

    We take consideration of the changing carbon profile of fuels to suit a decarbonised grid and the prediction of fuel availability as we move towards 2045/2050.

    Our involvement in research and development, reviewing new technologies, innovative M&E systems, use of renewable materials, and energy reduction and recovery systems allows us to provide a comprehensive picture specific to the requirements of the project.

    Embodied carbon can also be considered, and implications reviewed and reported on for the selection of materials throughout the design and construction process.

    A demonstratable path for delivery of net zero is then set, to allow us to report on the ongoing carbon reduction per year to allow a phased approach to meet net zero and impact on capital spend and running costs.

    Our aim is to simply the process of net zero and provide our clients with a holistic multi-level approach.


    • • Net Zero planning
    • • Energy Strategies
    • • Net Zero Master planning
    • • Corporate Strategies to Net Zero
    • • Bespoke Heat Pump modelling
    • • Operational energy modelling
    • • Carbon forecasting
    • • Digital twin modelling and appraisals
    • • Operational, embodied and whole life carbon
    • • Climate change overheating reviews


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