Edinburgh Castle


Upgrades across this famous Castle’s buildings. Part of a continuous programme to help reduce its carbon footprint.


On-going framework services across the entire Castle site. Including the Devil’s Elbow, David’s Tower, Laich Hall, Presence Chamber, Queen Mary’s Room and Red Coat Café. We started our involvement with a carbon footprint reduction project as part of Historic Scotland’s Carbon Management Plan. Additional tasks have included replacing and upgrading the Castle’s electricity distribution infrastructure, utility meter management as well as heating.


Historic sensitivity combined with very stringent guidelines. Everything from where drilling can take place to the appropriate fixing of brackets. This requires very close working with Historic Environment Scotland. HES is the lead public body set up to investigate, care for and promote Scotland’s historic environment.


As part of the Carbon Management Plan, we’ve put in new and innovative gas heating plants in the many buildings. This has also included a complete management control system. This helps the client monitor fuel usage with remote access from their head office off-site. Since then we’ve replaced a further three central boiler plants all bringing higher efficiency – including the introduction of specialised conservation heating. All meters have been put into a control system (Metrology) for easier monitoring and billing.


Key Facts

City Centre, Edinburgh
Client: Historic Scotland



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