The Engine Room & St. Francis Church


The first project of its kind that the Diocese of London has embarked upon for 40 years. Both buildings are equipping the community for generations to come.


Hale Village is situated opposite where the London riots started in 2011. This regeneration project has built over 800 new homes and is a unique opportunity to transform the community. Harley Haddow was involved in the building of the area’s Church and community centre. This project is ambitious, bold and innovative. In fact, it’s the first new Anglican Church to be erected in London for 40 years. At once a church, a community centre, a café and a nursery all in one location in the heart of North London.


In a word, co-ordination. Including regular meetings over development, design and construction. This was to ensure that as the masterplan was refined or changed, it wasn’t compromising our development role.


Unusually we were also dealing with a congregation as key stakeholders – all with passionate and varied opinions. To aid the process, we generated simple visual images, rather than complex technical drawings for early agreement and sign-off. Work undertaken included all the engineering systems within the building. Including all the mechanical and electric systems. Plus, lighting, ventilation, cooling, heating, power, data and AV. Not to mention, of course, low carbon solutions.


Key Facts

Tottenham, London
Client: Anglican Church of England
Photographer: Arch Image


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