Rosslyn Chapel Conservation & Visitor Centre


Helping this historic site back to a condition that serves its community and a vast number of visitors. Ensuring long-term preservation.


Rosslyn Chapel. One of Scotland’s most famous buildings founded in 1446 and still used as a place of worship today. Centuries of sitting exposed to the Scottish weather has had an impact. Repair and conservation work were, therefore, essential to ensure the long-term integrity of the building and its future. We also had a hand at giving the site the new Visitor Centre it deserved.


The cold, damp interior of the Chapel had to be addressed. The stone was saturated, resulting in substantial algae growth within the structure. The original stone had become porous and saturated, the rainwater disposal system was ineffective, and there was no meaningful heating in the building.


Following thorough research and preparation, an appropriate programme of conservation commenced. The new lead roof was insulated discreetly using VIP panels to provide high-performance. A new rainwater system was installed, and the stained glass was repaired and conserved. Internally a new conservation heating system was installed to control humidity. This is served by a remotely located biomass boiler. A new lighting system was also added. This achieved a much more stable and comfortable internal environment. We make regular return trips to ensure humidity continues to be monitored.


Key Facts

Roslin, Midlothian
Client: Rosslyn Chapel Trust
Photographer: Andrew Lee


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