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The London Plan 2018

The London Plan is currently under consultation, this period will end on the 2nd March 2018 with the proposed new plan due to come into force late 2018. The plan will cover the period between 2019 and 2041.   Carbon reduction targets are set to contribute towards London becoming zero carbon by 2050.

The main points proposed relating to carbon reduction are as follows:

Major development should be net zero-carbon. This means reducing carbon dioxide emissions from construction and operation, and minimising both annual and peak energy demand in accordance with the following energy hierarchy:

Be lean: use less energy and manage demand during construction and operation.
Be clean: exploit local energy resources (such as secondary heat) and supply energy efficiently and cleanly.
Be green: generate, store and use renewable energy on-site.

In meeting the zero-carbon target a minimum on-site reduction of at least 35% beyond Building Regulations is expected. (If the building regulations are updated, the policy threshold will be reviewed).

The minimum improvement over the Target Emission Rate (TER) will increase over a period of time in order to achieve the zero-carbon London ambition and reflect the costs of more efficient construction methods. This will be reflected in future updates to the London Plan.

To find out more, download our PDF guide The London Plan 2018

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